Venue:The Westin, Mumbai
Event Date: 21 June 2019

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Venue:The Westin, Mumbai
Event Date: 21 June 2019


Thanks to the massive explosion in the consumption on digital and on handheld devices, video is the new glue fusing brands with their consumers. Marketers are working overtime to understand the nuances of video storytelling, platforms (social or web destinations) and distribution to build stronger bonds between brands and their fans. Group hosted flagship event last year on a very successful note that received good participation from the industry experts, brands and agencies. In that vein, this year again we are hosting a one-day event "BrandVid Summit and Awards 2019", wherein the subject of thought will be on to optimize the use of video as a brand communication tool and get a better bang for the buck for all those operating in the ecosystem and to recognize the distinguished talent of the video marketers and acknowledge them at a national dais.

Brandvid Summit 2019

BrandVid Summit 2019, is a platform which brings together Brands, Content Creators, Content Studios, Media Agencies, Creative agencies, Digital platforms, Broadcasters, Publications, OTT platforms, Social media platforms and Production houses etc. to share notes to know the best industry's practices, exchange ideas, understand and forecast video trends and build relationships.

It's a platform exclusively created for senior and mid-level professionals from the leading brands and agencies, where we bring together 150 professionals from across regions, to support the community attain greater operational excellence. The idea behind congregating the key decision makers is to discuss the latest innovations, trends, address key issues of branded content, and to build an innovative, interactive and futuristic road map for video media growth.

Key Themes

How is the current year fairing in terms of video spends, creative allocation, number of brand films as compared to the last year? Is video marketing, the booming trend for 2019, along with the strong digital video growth?

GenZ, the new age customers of young India have lower attention span, they are more tech-savvy and they like differentiated content. Are brands optimizing videos as a medium to achieve greater personal connect with them?

While developing the content, brands are now looking at a more engaging and differentiated art of storytelling rather than mundane TVCs or sponsored shows.

Digital platforms are creating the latest and unique solutions for brand engagements. They are showcasing distinct storytelling through their digital series or branded originals, which creates a profound impact on the minds of their audiences.

What goes into the making of a brand film that inspires customers make a purchase? How are the campaigns driven by an event is creating an impact in the market? How is the latest technologies being applied?

Are brands looking into creating their in-house studios to have more control over the content or is commissioning route still favourable?

What are the strategies opted by various social platforms that will help brands to achieve greater engagement?


Branded video rewind

The evolution of branded video. How has the last year been in terms of video spends, creative allocation, number and nature of brand films? Where are we headed on this front? Are we witnessing the emergence of new trends? Is the industry at large doing enough to push the envelope?

GenZ: The new video sticklers

GenZ, the new-age audience of young India has lower attention span; they are more tech-savvy and are exposed to the differentiated content from the very beginning. This demographic cohort loves videos, videos, and more videos. How brands are using video as a vehicle to achieve greater engagement with this fickle audience and build personal connect with them?

Moving the needle from exposure to engagement: Still the challenge?

Effective branded content offers advertisers a chance to engage with their consumers in a rather intimate manner, incentivizing brands to build ongoing relationships. For further effectiveness, video needs to be used strategically for mid term and long term benefits. Branded content has now affected the balance of power as a communication tool - both in digital and linear television. In the world of branded video, however, a lifelong vulnerability continues to haunt the ecosystem.

Driving social: Immersion and influencers

What goes into the storytelling of a brand film that inspires customers to view, engage, interact and possibly drive a purchase decision? Are brands and publishers remodelling their branded content and distribution strategies? How are the social platforms setting up latest solutions for brands to achieve higher engagement? What are the new tech-solutions and advancements to increase the availability of videos and its reach?

Understanding the audience: Data & tech in content creation

In the past few years, content studios and creative labs have mushroomed within major brands and publishers. Branded video is the top most priority for advertisers and tends to be recommended by custom content publishers. Despite the growing affinity for branded videos, is there an understanding of a brand's earned audience and an appreciation for compelling storytelling? How can more deep data be used to understand consumers and gauge their pulse?

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Delegate fees to attend BrandVid Summit Fees to attend BrandVid Awards Fees to attend BrandVid Summit + Awards
Rs. 1000 + GST (per person) Rs. 2500 + GST (per person) Rs. 3400 + GST (per person)
Group discounts Group discounts Group discounts
Upto 4 Delegates - Rs. 900 + GST (per person) Upto 4 Passes - Rs. 2300 + GST (per person) Upto 4 Passes - Rs. 3100 + GST (per person)
5 Delegates & above - Rs. 800 + GST (per person) 5 Passes & above - Rs. 2100 + GST (per person) 5 Passes & above - Rs. 2700 + GST (per person)

Last day for online registration and payment for summit is 18 June, 2019. On spot registration is subject to availability of seats.

Last day for submitting entries and payment for awards is 31 May, 2019.

Who should attend: Brands, Content Creators, Content Studios, Media Agencies, Creative agencies, Digital platforms, Broadcasters, Publications, OTT platforms, Social media platforms & Production houses etc.

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